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Lactation Support

Congratulations on your new arrival. Parenthood can be daunting and full of big decisions. The first of many choices will be how you are going to feed your baby. We hope you will consider breastfeeding for it has many incredible benefits. Human breast milk is referred to as liquid gold and provides everything your infant will need nutritionally as well as protective immunological factors to help defend the immature immune system. Your milk is unique from all other milk, it is customized specifically by your body for your newborn.

For lactation care contact our affiliate company

California Breastfed Babies.

 Link Below

At CBB/Myofunctional Partners we go beyond the benefits of human milk and look at how breast/chestfeeding provides the necessary oral motor stimulation to help facilitate proper growth and oral development. From birth through toddlerhood, our goal is to  support proper oral function leading to healthier breathing, better sleep and ultimately children who are happier and able to focus better.

We know that not everyone is able or chooses to breastfeed. Whether you opt to bottle or breastfeed your baby, we provide non-judgemental and inclusive support. 

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