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Read the Research on Breathing and Myofunctional Therapy

"Conclusion: Lingual frenuloplasty with myofunctional therapy is safe and potentially effective for the treatment of mouthbreathing, snoring, clenching, and myofascial tension in appropriately selected patient candidates. Further studies with objective measures are merited."

“Lowest oxygen saturations, snoring, and sleepiness outcomes improve in adults. Myofunctional therapy could serve as an adjunct to other obstructive sleep apnea treatments.“ 

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“In this large, population-based, longitudinal study, early-life SDB symptoms had strong, persistent statistical effects on subsequent behavior in childhood.“ 

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"Patients with chronic TMD showed temporal prolongation and changes in the relative activity of the muscles during the swallowing tasks. The present results contribute additional evidence regarding the reorganization of muscle activity in patients with chronic TMD." 

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Learn more about orthodontics (braces) and Myofunctional Therapy

"The results of this study and the prospective clinical trial showed a significant correlation between tinnitus and TMD. The observed treatment outcome suggests that dental functional therapy may have a positive effect on TMD-related tinnitus."

Learn more about ear issues related to TMD, muscle function, and breathing

"Yackle et al. found a small, molecularly defined neuronal subpopulation in this breathing rhythm generator that directly projects to a brain center that plays a key role in generalized alertness, attention, and stress (see the Perspective by Sheikbahaei and Smith). Removal of these cells did not affect normal breathing but left the animals unusually calm. The breathing center thus has a direct and dramatic influence on higher-order brain function."

Kevin Yackle, Lindsay A. Schwarz, Kaiwen Kam, Jordan M. Sorokin,John R. Huguenard, Jack L. Feldman, Liqun Luo, Mark A. Krasnow, Breathing control center neurons that promote arousal in mice.Science 31 Mar 2017 : 1411-1415

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"Our study demonstrated the hypothesised physiology of BBT , improving hyperventilation induced hypocapnoea and breathlessness, following maximal exercise. By teaching patients to reduce hypernoea of breathing (the rate &depth), BBT may reduce asthma symptoms and improve exercise tolerance and control."

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"The Buteyko method improved the sleep disorders scores, lung function and reduced the number of school absences in children with asthma and mouth breathing." 

M.P.P. Mendonca, Karla & Macedo, Thalita & A. Freitas, Diana & C.J.S. Silva, Ada & T. Amaral, Cleia & Santino, Thayla & Mckeown, Patrick. (2017). Buteyko Method for Children with Asthma and Mouth Breathing: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Learn more about Buteyko Breathing and dysfunctional breathing, asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis

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